A Short-lived Fear!
by Writer 136

It was a pleasant evening in the Chandni Chowk area of Delhi. Sharayu, a resident and lover of Mumbai, was visiting Delhi for some official work.

She had a day off and had decided to explore the most famous market of Delhi on her own.

After fulfilling her heart's desire of experiencing the local delicacies, she did some shopping for herself and her family.

A crisp wintry breeze was fanning her face. She was wearing a T-shirt underneath her jacket. With a desire to experience the nippy weather, she took off her jacket and began her way back to the hotel where her office had provided her accomodation.

Drained of all her energy, she was waiting at the Metro station all confused, as to which train to catch to reach her hotel. But due to her fear of talking to strangers, she couldn't find the courage to talk to anyone lest anyone thought she was stupid.

But finally after waiting for a long time, she somehow found the courage to ask a group of girls who looked approachable, standing nearby.

Sharayu asked timidly, " Umm, Hello, I am new to Delhi. Can you direct me to the route which will take me to Karol Baug ? I am really confused."

But to Sharayu's horror, they were all staring at her. Not one, all 4 of the girls in the group. Sharayu felt a bit scared and asked again " Helloooo, Can you please tell me which route to take?"

After what seemed like hours, the girl with those lovely earrings answered " Ohh, yeah. Karol Baug ? You take a train from here and get down at Rajiv Chowk. It's the Blue line of Delhi Metro. You can get a train for Karol Baug from Rajiv Chowk. "

Sharayu thanked them, and stood in the line to buy the ticket.All she felt was confusion, and thought maybe she was not wearing the proper clothes, or something weird was on her face. She couldn't figure out why were they staring at her.

While waiting, she checked her face through her cellphone's front camera. Nothing was amiss on her face.

She glanced at the girls again. They were still staring at her. It made her nervous. She bought the ticket and walked briskly towards the platform.

As she was waiting for the train, few other people were staring at her. As soon as she boarded the train, people sitting near her, were also staring at her. Sharayu was panicking, from inside.

She decided to ignore all the stares, and got immersed in her world of music with headphones on. When she alighted at her destination, she took a breath of relief and started going towards her hotel.

Suddenly, a boy of around 12 years alongwith his mother came near her, and literally shouted, " Didi, Do it, please. I haven't seen much of it. Are you from Hogwarts ? "

Sharayu was speechless and confused as to what the boy meant. The mother of the boy apologized and left with her son. Sharayu couldn't figure what was wrong with people of Delhi. They were acting so strange and weird.

She had never experienced such thing in Mumbai.

On her way to her room, in an elevator, she saw her reflection in her mirror and laughed loudly. She now realized why people were staring and why the boy asked such a strange question to her .

On her t-shirt, the following words were seen " Keep staring at me, I might do some magic"

End of A Short Lived Fear! by Writer 134